Applying Open Resources in Blended Learning Environments

Dear University Educators,

On this webpage, I am sharing materials that discuss OER discovery and adoption through a mixed teaching modality. These materials could be used in an online, hybrid, web enhanced, and/or traditional face-to-face course. Below, I have included sample digital activities to illustrate my interactive teaching methods.

OER Presentation

I am embedding a video that covers the material I will deliver in my presentation.

OER Slideshow

This is the slide show I went over in the video embedded above. It’s available for download.

Activity: Let’s Get to Know Each Other

I will ask you to answer the questions I posted in the Padlet presentation below during slide twelve in the OER presentation. Once I deliver the presentation, down below you will see answers from attendees:

Made with Padlet

OER Interest Form

Lastly, at the end of my presentation above, I asked attendees to navigate to this linked worksheet: OER Brainstorming Worksheet. This Google doc asks for your contact information and any information about your research needs and interests regarding Open Educational Materials

Educators, please enter your information into this worksheet. If you see a question from your colleagues for which you have an answer, suggestion, or an idea, feel free to leave a comment in the side margins.

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